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TMS Therapy Testimonials

August 25, 2016                                                                                                            Redemption Psychiatry, Gilbert Arizona

Dear Dr. Burton:
I wanted to share my experience with TMS. I have been struggling for the better part of fifteen years with anxiety and depression. I have tried numerous combinations of medications and therapy to manage my condition. After several years seeing another psychiatrist in Scottsdale, I was discouraged. I was happy to find Redemption Psychiatry earlier this year as it is a short drive from my home. What I did not expect was your willingness to help cure my condition rather than just manage it. First, you changed my medication. My panic attacks virtually disappeared. Then you and Jennifer Friday put in a great deal of effort to have my insurance company approve the TMS treatments.

Once approved, I began seeing Ashley Schroeder for the treatments. She is wonderful person. Five days a week for six weeks, she hooked the device to me and made sure I was very comfortable. Each treatment was less than an hour, and the sound it emitted was like that of a woodpecker. The treatments did not hurt; only a couple of my facial muscles vibrated during the sessions. I appreciated that there were no side effects other than a slight headache after the first few sessions. During the six weeks, I noticed some improvement in my demeanor. However, two weeks after completing the treatments, I felt better than I have in years! I know that the TMS is the reason for this change as I had not altered my daily routine in any other way. I no longer sleep too many hours in one night. I have energy and drive to accomplish everyday tasks. I enjoy many activities that I use to avoid. I am social again, and I smile a lot. I am able to be the kind of mother to my son that I wanted to be and that is priceless!

I am forever grateful to you and the staff at Redemption Psychiatry. I feel whole again. You literary saved my life.

E. M.